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The Great Hoobaroo

The composer/player of the Great Hoobaroo has gone off for a break, perhaps to seek inspiration, and an envious owl has come down to get a good look at the magical instrument, thinking, "How I wish I could play the Great Hoobaroo!."

The materials contributed by my friends in the natural world are as follows:
Burr Oak - all twigs, large and small, used for the main body of the Great Hoobaroo and pieces of the fence and table pedestal and lamp post, most of the music stand, tea tin, cup, ink stand and thermos; wood for fence and stool seat and back and tea table top; acorn teapot and acorn lamp; leaf music.
Wild Grape Tendrils - neck of the Great Hoobaroo and   parts of the lamp and post.
 Shagbark Hickory Bark - the top of  the fence.
 Small Stones - arranged on the ground, with moss.
 Inner Bark of Soft Maple - basket for music leaves
 Blue Conure Feather - quill pen in inkstand.
 Ash Wood - music stand back and ledge
 Wild black Cherry - wood for carving the horned owl.

Hoobaroo normally has a glass dome, not shown here, which sits inside the fence.

Hoobaroo has been a favorite of ours, as we often have horned owls hooting at night and one year were fortunate enough to have them nest in our woods. 

Price: $350

If interested, please contact me through the blog.